Twist & Tango

Twist and Tango
Twist and Tango is a Swedish brand known for its minimalists with modern cuts, but which embellish your closet as the years go by. Pieces that are both timeless, but always in tune with the times, to meet the needs of modern women, while allowing them to assert their femininity.

About Twist and Tango
Who has never dreamed of opening up their closet and being able to select any room in their closet for a look and constantly being chic and elegant without going through all of their clothes? Let yourself be lulled by the Twist and Tango pieces, clothes that are both casual and elegant, pieces that allow you to be chic with minimalist pieces and whatever the weather and the seasons.

The Twist and Tango selection for this season
This season, they are basic pieces revisited, whether at the level of puffed sleeves, at the level of the shoulders with detailed and structured shoulder pads, trousers with pleats in much more sought-after materials. Neutral colors and brighter colors.

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