Polo - Ralph Lauren



This casual cotton-blend fleece sweatshirt is printed and embroidered with our beloved Polo Bear, dressed in a camel coat with a cabled sweater, striped shirt and jeans. The Bear's layered look is finished off with a "P" baseball cap, watch, our Polo ID satchel and loafers.

The sweatshirt is a staple of the female wardrobe. Whether for a casual look or to protect yourself from the cold, there is always a suitable sweatshirt. On our women's ready-to-wear website, we offer a wide range of quality, eco-responsible and trendy sweatshirts, from major women's ready-to-wear brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Hod Paris and Zadig & Voltaire. When it comes to sweatshirts, there are a wide variety of materials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Fleece sweatshirts are the most popular because they are soft, comfortable and warm. They are also easy to maintain and durable. Woolen sweatshirts are also very popular in winter because they are warm and comfortable. However, they are a little more fragile and should be hand or machine washed cold with a gentle cycle. Cotton sweatshirts are also a comfortable option, but they are less warm than other materials. When it comes to the evolution of sweatshirts over time, we've seen many different styles appear, from basic sweatshirts to hoodies and zip-ups. Printed sweatshirts have also become very popular, whether with simple patterns or more intricate designs. Lace and tulle sweatshirts have also made an appearance, bringing a feminine and elegant touch to any outfit. Among the sweatshirt trends for the year 2023, we find hoodies and zip sweatshirts which are very popular. These sweatshirts allow you to change your style in the blink of an eye and are particularly appreciated in winter for their warmth. Printed sweatshirts are also a strong trend for this year, with designs ranging from graphic to floral to tie-dye. Sweatshirts in original materials such as velvet or satin are also an option to explore to bring a touch of texture to your look. Finally, oversized sweatshirts are always very popular for their comfortable and relaxed side. Feel free to mix and match these different trends to create your own unique style!

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