Leather & Faux leather

Leather & Faux leather




Blazer in genuine leather. Long sleeves, collar flap type flap, closes with a button, a chest pocket, two welt pockets on the front, straight cut and curved. A classic that should have a place in your wardrobe! Wear it with all your outfits: dresses, blouses, formal dresses, casual outfits, ... A timeless piece of high quality available in various colors. Our model is 1m76 and is wearing a size 36 / S.

leather and imitation leather for women

Women's leather and imitation leather for a chic look!

Leather is alive, this material is noble and durable, it breathes and proudly wears its origins. Its stigmata are inscribed by the growth of the skin or by scars. These imperfections make leather a unique article, an aristocrat of the textile industry, where women's ready-to-wear is becoming more and more popular. Imitation leather is an excellent ethical alternative, while having a stylish, timeless and unfailing look.
Leather and imitation leather ensure a beautiful silhouette for the modern woman!

Quality leather garments are durable and elegant. They distinguish the woman who asserts herself with this noble material. Jackets, blazers, skirts, trousers and leggings are available in original colours and shapes. Casual or classic, these outfits in leather or imitation leather bring that elegant touch. They are precious, they are sure values. Leather and imitation leather can be worn in all seasons and for every occasion. They reveal a woman's sensuality, her urban or non-conformist personality. Fashion designers use these beautiful materials to sublimate feminine shapes.

Which style to choose for your jacket, skirt or trousers?

Le Perfecto adds a rebellious and masculine touch.

For the rebellious woman, the Perfecto jacket with its flap collar and some silver snaps adds a masculine touch to the feminine casualness. This mix of styles rhymes with seduction and casualness. The coloured blazer with its straight or slim fit is a timelessly charming attribute.

The leather or imitation leather skirt, how to wear it long or short?

Sometimes daring and even a little naughty, the short leather or imitation leather skirt can be a real eye-catcher. On pretty curved legs, it is very aesthetic. Charm works, the young woman is at the top of her splendour, femininity and fashion. The texture of the leather or imitation leather gives the skirt a perfect fall. Longer, it is also wiser and becomes romantic or very chic depending on the little top associated with it.

When trousers and leggings compete with shorts!

Symbol of the feminine emancipation of the sixties, trousers have never stopped evolving. In leather or imitation leather, trousers are unanimously favoured by women. Highly appreciated for their comfort and freedom of movement, women wear them with ease. The trousers compete with shorts or leggings in leather or imitation leather, which are also charming assets. These luxury garments are always a resounding success with women.

For the durability of your top-of-the-range clothing!

Over time, leather will become covered with a beautiful patina that underlines the grain of its skin. Because leather is unique, the dye and finish of the leather forces its characteristic shades. Leather and imitation leather for women should be cared for to avoid soiling these sumptuous garments. Products adapted to each of them are recommended.

A magnificent collection of leather and imitation leather clothing for women offers an anthology of style. It is in line with the expectations of modern muses. Finding the leather that sticks to your skin becomes conceivable.

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