Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

What is ethical fashion?
No concept accompanies you in your choice of clothes and accessories for a more eco-responsible wardrobe. We select for you pieces and items that meet your desires for ethical fashion. Based on the fundamentals of sustainable development, ethical women's fashion is an alternative response to the society of over-consumption and "fast fashion". But what is ethical fashion?

H2: Women's ethical fashion: strict criteria to be respected

Even if there is no precise definition, ethical fashion combines different characteristics, both social and environmental.

H3: Production that respects human rights

When we talk about production, we are talking about the entire production chain: from the extraction of raw materials, to the manufacture, the sale and the recycling of unsold goods. Ethical fashion concerns not only clothing, but also accessories such as leather goods, jewellery and shoes. Consumers are now asking textile companies to be responsible for the working conditions of all those involved in the production of their products. They must also undertake to pay their craftsmen properly and not to employ children in disadvantaged countries.

H3: Brands that respect the environment

We select for you brands that design ethical clothing, respecting ecological values. The products of these brands are either made from organic fabrics with oeko-tex certification, for example, or from recycled materials or natural fibres such as cashmere, hemp or bamboo. These brands aim to reduce their ecological impact by using less energy-intensive materials and products and by using manufacturing processes that use less water.
Being an ethical brand also means guaranteeing consumers that all workers have working conditions that respect their health. For example, eliminating pesticides from cotton fields and using organic materials without dyes helps to preserve both nature and the health of all workers.
While some supermarket brands burn their unsold goods, ethical brands are careful to recycle their articles and encourage upcycling. To limit their greenhouse gas emissions linked to the transport of goods, we favour brands that develop local production and Made in France.

Transparent companies

We select brands that are transparent, that hide nothing and meet strict specifications of ethical and ecological standards. By being transparent about the composition of their ethical garments, their origin, their manufacture... The brands reassure consumers who have lost confidence in the textile industry and who no longer know how to consume while being responsible and in accordance with their human and ethical values.

Ethical fashion is a vast concept, encompassing a multitude of economic, humanitarian and ecological criteria. It is difficult for the consumer to find his way around and make a choice to be in line with his values. No concept intervenes by selecting for you brands that meet your priorities of eco-responsible consumption.

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