The TEXAS skirt is a short, elegant and glamorous model in fancy tweed. It is openly inspired by the 60's with its retro decorations. Slightly trapeze-shaped, it accompanies movement without restricting it. It features inset pocket details in the cut-outs. We love the four buttons at the front, ultra-glamorous baroque jewels. Pair with a tucked-in blouse and short jacket for a chic, sophisticated look.




The Milano Mini Skirt is short, elegant and glamorous. Slightly trapeze-shaped, it accompanies movement without restricting it.  Pair with a tucked-in blouse or knitwear and a short jacket for a chic, sophisticated look.

The range of skirts for women

Every wardrobe should contain skirts

Perfect for many occasions, the skirt is one of the clothes to keep in your wardrobe. Whether you have to dress for a chic evening or simply go to work, it offers an incomparable comfort and brings this touch of lightness and freedom. Women's skirts, short or long, are the ideal alternative to trousers. With flowers or geometric patterns, they are chic and trendy. It also offers the advantage of being able to be worn with pumps, flat shoes, boots and more for a creative and ravishing outfit. Whether it's windy, rainy or sunny, the skirt is a timeless addition to any wardrobe! It has braved the centuries and dressed women from all walks of life.

Some tips to associate women's skirts

The secret to keeping a balanced outfit is to harmonise the top and bottom. A pleated skirt worn by a thin woman will be very elegant if you opt for a fitted top. To combine a denim skirt, for example, it's best to wear high-top trainers and a wide jumper. If you opt for a leather skirt, a white T-shirt or a lace blouse will add an irresistible touch (and for a rock style, open-toed boots are ideal). A woman with an urban chic style can wear a denim skirt and give her outfit a light destroy touch with old sweats. At the office, the pencil skirt is queen: it gives a sophisticated look when worn with a blouse and pumps. But nothing forbids to dare, to associate different clothes to find the rare pearl ! More and more stars wear long skirts with sneakers. Playing with colours, fabrics and patterns is the best way to amaze those around you, the important thing is to feel good in your clothes.

Women's skirts, clothes adapted to all morphologies

All women are beautiful, but some want to enhance their figure, while others prefer to hide them. That's why there is a skirt for every woman, for every leg length and every shape. Some models are specifically created to hide shapes in order to draw attention to others, notably by adding volume. For a woman with muscular thighs, for example, mid-length models are perfect. If, on the other hand, the legs are slim, a tight skirt made of stretch material will do the trick. Styles vary and old fashioned models are back in the spotlight. This is the case of the famous retro skirt, long and pleated, which has the advantage of appealing to all morphologies without distinction.

The flagship piece of each season

It's a fact, our winters are getting milder and milder. But even so, in very cold weather, skirts are as appropriate as trousers, thanks to leggings and especially woollen tights. The latter warm up much better than trousers or, better still, jeans. They also allow you to personalise your outfit a little more, thanks to their floral patterns, stripes to refine them or even to give sobriety pride of place. With polka-dot printed skirts, there's nothing to prevent you from opting for tights with a cubic pattern. Vintage leather, flowery brocade, long without frills, the skirts celebrate all occasions and suit all styles.

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