Hod Paris

Born in 2015 in Paris, Hod perfectly combines comfort and elegance. Hod Paris' mission is simple: high quality fabrics and materials, a Paris-based label and manufacturing that respects nature and ecology. Exclusive prints to be discovered each season, a colorful feminine ready-to-wear line that will add pep to your wardrobe !

About Hod Paris

The Hod Paris brand is all about the simple value that is called: quality. Each model for each new collection has been imagined and developed in their style offices in Paris where they are proud to defend this label: developed in Paris. High quality materials are an asset in their collections, they like to play with the discreet details present on each model which creates their uniqueness. The designers and teams are passionate about their universe, fashion, their clients and what they are looking for. Always attentive to fashion, its trends but sensitive to fair prices. Buying a Hod Paris piece means having fun by investing in a quality purchase, respectful of the environment, made in Europe and all this while adopting a colorful and original style that you will not find everywhere !

Hod Paris the selection for this season

Once again this year, Hod Paris is playing the card of simplicity with pieces with timeless cuts: straight shirt, long linen dress, straight cotton pants,... with a chic artist look with its exclusive, colorful and joyful patterns. In the essential models, find colorful shirts with the names of major Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville,... or the timeless Lima dress, perfect to wear this season with a pair of sandals or sneakers. Loose or straight cuts, fluid and unadjusted materials that allow greater comfort and a loose style that is very trendy this year. We will describe his style, his identity, as a trendy artist with his colorful floral patterns, his abstract painting stains, his unstructured tiles and his deliberate crumpled materials bringing a bohemian touch. The Hod Paris woman wants a trendy look without going overboard by combining trendy colors and elegant cuts. This brand will appeal as much to working women with its vast collection of blazers with the perfect straight and structured cut as to fans of more refined and casual looks with an environmentally friendly collection. Among the flagship models: the Bertie dress and its belted A-line cut that can be worn both casually with a pair of sandals for a summer look, with a pair of sneakers for a city look or with a pair of heels for a summer look a sophisticated look. Discover our Parisian and trendy brand and let yourself be seduced by its colorful pieces that will suit you perfectly.

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