Born 1949 in Germany, this brand specializes in the sale of sports articles. Adidas' mission is simple: to make sport appreciate to the whole world through their diversity of equipment through the clothing and accessories designated by the brand.
About Adidas

Adidas is betting everything on simple values that are called: quality, diversity and creativity. Each model for each new collection has been imagined and developed with the aim of satisfying these three values. The qualitative pieces allow both to practice the sport in comfort, but also to go out and match the different pieces with a style completely opposite to the one for which it was to be intended, they like to play with the discreet details present on each model this which creates their uniqueness. The creators and teams are passionate about their sporting and creative universe and always adapt to the clientele and what they are looking for. Always attentive to fashion, its trends but sensitive to the right price. Buying an Adidas piece is: having fun by investing in a quality purchase, versatile and all that, by adopting a colorful and original style that you will not find everywhere

The Adidas selection for this season
This year again Adidas is playing the card of simplicity with timeless pieces. Pairs of sneakers that can easily be associated with different looks, from simpler models to more sporty models, soft colors that are easy to combine while keeping more original features and details, whether by associating color and classic by marking the logo or on the contrary by making it much more discreet Adidas once again finds something to combine, chic, originality and trendy sporty allure.

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